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Developing Technique on the Trumpet
A book of studies for developing technique in all facets of traditional trumpet playing: range, flexibility, finger technique, scale, and arpeggio technique, and multiple tonguing.  A complete resource for building the technique of trumpet players from the young intermediate student (second or third year players) through the maturing performer. Now available for direct order from www.lulu.com!

Daily Workout: Key Studies and Practice Routine for Trumpet
Daily Workout is a book for the intermediate/advanced player who is seeking a systematic method to insure that technical mastery in all keys is maintained. Included are: harmonic flexibilities (lip slurs), scale and and arpeggio technical studies in all major and minor keys, multiple tonguing studies, jazz patterns, and hymn tunes for tone and expression. This book is conceived as: I. a developmental book for the intermediate player; developing fluency in patterns common to commercial and jazz styles as well as developing traditional "legit" technique. II. a maintenance book for the advanced player with only 30 minutes to an hour available for daily practice, whether at one setting or spaced throughout the day. ...and III. a systematic maintenance book for the advanced player who needs to insure that technical mastery in all keys is maintained while spending a majority of his practice time on etude study or other musical preparation.

Daily Trumpet Fitness Workout: Staying in Shape for All Genres of Music
Synthesizing the concepts of many of the great trumpet pedagogues of the past including Vincent Cichowicz, James Stamp, Herbert L. Clarke, Carmine Caruso, Charles Colin, and others, Daily Trumpet Fitness provides trumpet performers with a practical routine of fundamental exercises thus providing a secure and confident foundation for trumpet performers in any genre of music.